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Solos and duets by Richard O. Burdick

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16 Sep 2008 15:57 #169 by Richard O Burdick
Solos and duets by Richard O. Burdick was created by Richard O Burdick
Greetings, I am finally going public with this big project:

I am currently re-recording my "Duets for two horns, opus 139" and my "More
than sixty-fours solos for horn, opus 132" Each week I will be posting the
sheet music and my recording of them. One new piece a week for more than a

The recordings I am posting will all be without any splices.
I am working on non-stop "one-take" recordings.
This is for two reasons: 1) I am still working on being a better horn
player, and trying to play non-stop through the them flawlessly is the sort
of challenge I need.
2) I want to prove that the solos and duets can be played, sometimes only
after hard work, sometime quite easily.

Richard Burdick
1st Horn
Regina Symphony
Regina, SK Canada

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