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The Natural Horn in Romantic Orchestral Works

01 Nov 2008 06:49 #192 by James Hampson
The Natural Horn in Romantic Orchestral Works was created by James Hampson
I have just begun a research project on the uses of Natural Horn in Romantic Orchestral Works. My main focus is Brahms and his contemporaries, and their thoughts on the newly invented Valved Horn.

I attend a smallish college in Western New York, so finding in-depth information on this topic is quite a challenge. I have found a few books on instrumentation, such as Berlioz, Wagner, and Carse, as well as a few dissertations on the subject (although I may only be able to get copies of the abstracts to them).

I have done research projects before, but this will be my most in-depth project so far. Any direction on where to go to find these materials would be greatly appreciated.

James Fechter - Senior at SUNY Fredonia, eventually doing Grad work in Early Music Performance on Natural Horn

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03 Nov 2008 17:51 #194 by Andrew Pelletier
Replied by Andrew Pelletier on topic Re:The Natural Horn in Romantic Orchestral Works
Hi James,

May I suggest you consult the listing for the IHS Thesis Lending Library on this website? Unfortunately, the Lending Library itself is temporarily on hiatus due to flooding at the University of Iowa where it is housed, but there are other ways to order dissertations (e.g., Inter-Library Loan), and this listing gives you the titles and authors. There are several dissertations on early valved horns that include significant discussions of the natural horn.

Good luck, and feel free to contact me at if you need some more advice.

Jeff Snedeker

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04 Nov 2008 02:50 #195 by Joshua Johnson
Replied by Joshua Johnson on topic Re:The Natural Horn in Romantic Orchestral Works
What about inter library loans? Most universities I have been associated with have strongly encouraged reserving materials from other libraries; most times it is free to students and a lot of times you can search through your library search engine to find materials. What about a day trip to one of the larger libraries on the east coast? Of course this is a lot of work but it sounds like something you're very interested in and it would pay off in the end.



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10 Nov 2008 11:16 #201 by Anna Leverenz
Replied by Anna Leverenz on topic Re:The Natural Horn in Romantic Orchestral Works
Interlibrary loan is a good suggestion. Most states have a network of all colleges and universities in that state, those are often the fastest and easiest to navigate. Also, if your school is a member, WorldCat will connect you with every other member library in the world - then you can apply for interlibrary loan from distant lands. Another resource is digital dissertations, an online database of dissertations and theses that you can download/purchase for your own use. Your library probably has access to the JSTOR catalog, where you can search for articles on this topic. Your librarians should be able to direct you to these resources. Things like scores and letters are also very valuable resources that your school probably has.


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12 Dec 2008 04:25 #209 by John Ericson
Replied by John Ericson on topic Re:The Natural Horn in Romantic Orchestral Works
You should make a drive over to Rochester and visit the Eastman library. There you will find a closely related dissertation by Stephen Lyons Seiffert, "Johannes Brahms and the French Horn," D.M.A. diss., University of Rochester, 1968. The reason to make the drive is that he cites many interesting period sources most of which are actually in the library at Eastman. Xerox them, they are practically all out of print and quite interesting.

Also I am sure that you may have also checked my online resource Horn Articles Online. Check the topic areas on the natural horn and early valved horn for many leads as to sources. My dissertation would also be a great starting point. Good luck!

John Ericson

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12 Dec 2008 05:24 #210 by James Hampson
Replied by James Hampson on topic Re:The Natural Horn in Romantic Orchestral Works
Thank you all for the information, it was very useful. The dissertation by Stephen Seiffert is actually the main source for my paper. I'm glad to see that it is still a great source for information 40 years after it was written. I would have loved to drive over to Eastman, since it is only 2 hours from me, but due to time restrictions on this paper I could not. In the future I plan to rework and expand this paper so I will be able to find all the sources that I need.

Thanks again everyone! :cheer:

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