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Common Opera Audition Requirements

09 Apr 2009 13:40 #267 by Tracy Bass
Common Opera Audition Requirements was created by Tracy Bass
Hello Everyone! I'm a current undergraduate student and I'm really interested in going into opera someday. I'm wanting to put together a list of common opera audition excerpts that I needed to start working on and build from throughout my next few years of school. If you have lists from previous/current auditions or just your opinion about what the most requested excerpts are, please post them! Thanks :)

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06 May 2009 08:08 #277 by Dan Phillips
Replied by Dan Phillips on topic Re:Common Opera Audition Requirements
Courtesy of Principal Horn Julie Landsman, here's the Metropolitan Opera's 2006 "Assistant Principal/General Horn Audition Repertoire."

1. Bellini, V. - I Puritani: No. 8 Duetto e Finale 2 (m.8 to 13th of A)- Horn 1
2. Beethoven, L. - Fidelio: Overture (Beginning to reh. D) - Horn 2
3a.Berg, A. - Wozzeck: Act 1, sc. 2 (m.274 to 278)- Horn 4
3b.Berg, A. - Wozzeck: Act 1, sc. 4 (m.713-736) - Horn 4
4. Berg, A. - Lulu: Act 1, sc. 2 (m.989-992) - Horn 3
5. Puccini, G. - Tosca: Act 3 (opening) - Horn 4
6. Wagner, R. - Das Rheingold: (Prelude) - Horn 2
7. Strauss, R. - Der Rosenkavalier: Act 3 (reh. 252+1 - 254) - Horn 3
8. Strauss, R. - Ariadne auf Naxos: Opera (reh. 33-40+4) - Horn 1
9. Verdi, G. - Falstaff: Act 1, Part 2 (reh. 26-27+8) - Horn 3
10.Verdi, G. - Don Carlo: Act 2, No. 1 (Beginning to reh. A+5) - Horn 1
11.Wagner, R. - Lohengrin: Act 3 (Introduction) - Horn 3
12.Wagner, R. - Siegfried: Act 3 (End of Act) - Horn 3
13.Wagner, R. - Die Meistersinger: Act 2 (Pillow Fight at the end of Act) - Hn. 1
14.Wagner, R. - Götterdämmerung: Act 2, sc. 2 - Horn 2
15.Rossini, G. - Il Barbiere di Siviglia: Overture - Horn 1

Bill Scharnberg, Principal Horn in the Dallas Opera (and also Editor of The Horn Call) provided this:

As to the Dallas Opera orchestra rep list, I would expect we would include (depending on high/low): Das Rheingold opening, solo from Salome's Dance, Barber of Seville Overture (or one of the other solos in Rossini operas), Lohengrin Prelude to the 3rd Act, Siegfried Call (short), Tosca opening to the 3rd act, opening to Rosenkavalier, and not much more.

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06 May 2009 14:05 #278 by Richard K Chenoweth
Replied by Richard K Chenoweth on topic Re:Common Opera Audition Requirements
I agree with my colleagues Julie and Bill-they have excellent lists that contain standard and significant repertoire suggestions that are commonly used by many opera companies. For some more information about this topic, go to the web-site: , where you can download many of these excerpts...

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07 May 2009 04:48 #279 by Tracy Bass
Replied by Tracy Bass on topic Re:Common Opera Audition Requirements
Thanks for the replies!

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