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Solo Pieces for Low Horn

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10 Oct 2010 05:23 #417 by Ricardo Matosinhos
Solo Pieces for Low Horn was created by Ricardo Matosinhos
There are a few etudes for low horn and what about low horn solo pieces?

I only know:

K. Turner - Concerto for low horn
H. Neuling - Bagatelle

Does anyone know any other solo pieces?

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07 Dec 2010 15:15 #420 by Usamah Mustafa
Replied by Usamah Mustafa on topic Re: Solo Pieces for Low Horn
I'm a Low Horn player and I ALSO write for Low Horn as well........ I have a couple of pieces in the works right now and if you are interested (or anyone for that matter), please contact at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Usamah Mustafa

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10 Sep 2020 08:53 #1831 by Jeffrey Agrell
Replied by Jeffrey Agrell on topic Solo Pieces for Low Horn
This is an old thread... but it should have the piece that I wrote for you, Ricardo! Gallimaufry Suite for Low Horn and Piano. Everyone should hear your terrific performance of it here:

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