Balanced Embouchure or BE - Thoughts?

10 Jan 2011 04:54 #427 by Eric Jaton
Balanced Embouchure or BE - Thoughts? was created by Eric Jaton
Hi everyone. I'm currently a high school student who just learned he has been playing with a bunch up chin all his life...and mpc pressure. I started working on the standard Farkas set up with the lips much more exposed and open with my teacher a few weeks ago, but I've completely lost my high range. I have to huff in order to get a high E to even sound, and if I want to go any higher than that I have to move my chin (before the change my range capped around a high G/G#). With All State auditions coming up soon I'm beginning to panic.

I'm wondering if I should keep working on the Farkas set up, or try BE and see what happens. I'd also like to hear some personal stories with BE if you have any before I order the book and try it out.

Currently playing on a school 8D and MDC Farkas Mpc.

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10 Jan 2011 14:30 #428 by Ricardo Matosinhos
Replied by Ricardo Matosinhos on topic Re: Balanced Embouchure or BE - Thoughts?
You should expect 1 or 2 monthes, when you change mouthpiece or change embouchure.
If after that time still having trouble, maybe some thing didn't worked. So you should talk to your horn teacher. Until then you have to be patient...

As you are on an embouchure change, I strongly recommend you, if possible, to skip the All State auditions. If you change again your embouchure, you should expect also some time to adjust again...

Good luck!

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27 Jan 2011 00:20 #430 by Andrew M McAfee
Replied by Andrew M McAfee on topic Re: Balanced Embouchure or BE - Thoughts?
Hi Eric,
There are some immediate changes you can make to get the results you need. Please see my videos at
Specifically, squeeze your bottom lip firmly from side to center and allow it to move under your top lip for a stronger high range. Yes, you need to keep your chin flexed downwards and do not let it crunch upwards or your sound will pinch. When you chin is flexed, your jaw bone becomes attached to the action of your bottom lip and it moves up and down in relation to your range.
I go into this in detail on the website.
Look under my Order link for free handouts and articles on the topic as well.
All my best to you!
Andrew McAfee

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