Multiple tonguing etudes

18 Nov 2011 11:29 #503 by Deborah McDowell
Multiple tonguing etudes was created by Deborah McDowell
Anyone have any suggestions for multiple tonguing methods/etude book?

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19 Nov 2011 03:04 #504 by Ricardo Matosinhos
Replied by Ricardo Matosinhos on topic Re: Multiple tonguing etudes
There are several etude books that can be used to practice multiple tonging

There is a nice book with 30 simple etudes written specifically to practice multiple tonging.

"Études du détaché, du coup de langue binaire et ternaire pour le cor" by Edmond Leloir, published in Paris in 1980 by Gérard Billaudot Éditeur

I also suggest the 3rd etude from my 12 jazzy etudes for horn that can be played in single, multiple our in a combination of both staccato.

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