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Long Tones

24 Mar 2013 19:39 #700 by Madison Kronheim
Long Tones was created by Madison Kronheim
I'm a senior in high school and I'm looking for ways to just improve overall. I do long tones daily and I was curious as to what ways everyone does long tones on their own? Thanks!

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04 Oct 2016 04:28 #1610 by David Verzilli
Replied by David Verzilli on topic Long Tones
Madison, the best exercise I have came from a pro (and college prof). Start somewhere between a second line G and a third space C. Play each note softly and without as much pressure as possible. Set a timer on your phone (or something) for 30 seconds for each note. Play all the way down the scale (by half steps) as far as you can...or until you are totally bored. Each note, good sound, soft...30 seconds. Really worked for me for embouchure building. Hope this helps!

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