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program from IHS Symposium West, March, '13, in CO

10 Oct 2014 17:14 #1477 by Chris Roze
Hello, I'm trying to get the program from the Western US Horn Symposium in Fort Collins, CO, on March 7th, 2014. My piece, Changing Light, for flute, horn and piano, was performed by Michael Robert Thornton et al. I need the program for BMI and the deadline is next week, Oct. 15th. I've emailed and called Mike but he doesn't respond or return my calls . . . which is perplexing. Is there any way I can get a program without going through Mike?
Chris Rozé

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10 Oct 2014 18:28 #1478 by IHS Online Manager
Replied by IHS Online Manager on topic program from IHS Symposium West, March, '13, in CO
Try contacting the symposium host: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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