Finalists in the IHS Premier Soloist Competition (in alphabetical order) and their chosen repertoire for the finals are:

  • Brittany Binder – En Foret – Strauss 1
  • Fiona Chisholm – Adagio & Allegro – Mozart 4
  • John Geiger – En Foret – Mozart 4
  • Austin Larson – Villanelle – Mozart 4
  • Sally Prodrebarac – Adagio & Allegro – Mozart 2

Judges for the preliminary round were Johnny Pherigo, Esa Tapani, David Thompson, Bill VerMuellen, and Gail Williams.

These five performers will compete for the Premier Soloist award on Wednesday, June 22 from 9 to 11 AM in the Studio Theater. Judges for the final round are Michael Hatfield, Joe Ognibene, Peter Luff, Bill VerMuelen & David Thompson.

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