Name: Suleyman Cele
City: Jyväskylä
Country: Finland
Serial Number: 173766 M
Bore: Medium
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Fixed
Case: New Gig Bag/ Hard Case
Condition: Good

Make: Meister Hans Hoyer Made in GDR
Model: Bb-Single
Type: Bb/ (A/Ab)-A+ Stopping valve
Date: 1970-80?
Serial: 173766 M - Made in GDR
Bell throat profile: Medium
Metal: Brass
Bell flare: Fixed bell
Lacquer: No
Valve Compression: Excellent
Case: New Hard case (Gig Bag)

The HAND MADE horn is in good playing condition, nice sound and plays easy. Good intonation. No bad notes !
Excellent valve compression !
All valves (soft and silent) and slides move freely, the rotors are good !

The horn has scratches, a few dents (bell side) and some
worn off consistent with its age but horn just fine as is!

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Telephone: +358405246543
Meister Hans Hoyer Made in GDRMeister Hans Hoyer Made in GDRMeister Hans Hoyer Made in GDR

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