Name: Don Ozga
City: Chesterfield
State: MI
Country: USA
Serial Number: 1 25551
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Lacquer: 99.9%
Case: Pro Tec Ipac
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: The case is brand new and the horn is in excellent condition. It comes with a Yamaha 29B Descant horn mouthpiece, but you will probably prefer your regular mouthpiece.

I just recently sold my Hoyer triple to buy this High F single. I wanted the lightness and the ability to stay with a single set of fingerings on Baroque Masterpieces. YOU WILL PROBABLY NEVER FIND A USED USED DESCANT IN THIS CONDITION AND PLAYING ABILITY FOR THIS PRICE. The tone and intonation are flawless. With a contact mic hooked to a tuner the pitch is flawless from first space F all the way to high F an octave above the staff. The tone is rich and full. I love the lightness of the horn rather than the weight of a triple. The IPAC case is brand new and comes with all the extras: shoulder strap; cart, I, D, tag, and mute bag for extra mute in addition to the mute you can carry in the case below the bell shield.
Extras: Free shipping in the USA.
ozga211 Tone boosters
Palm risers on valve keys
2 hand grips
Brand New Pro Tec Ipac Case


Telephone: 586-646-5281
Hans HoyerHans HoyerHans Hoyer

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