Name: Marcin Chrzanowski
City: Poznan / Dresden / Ostrava
Country: Poland / Germany / Czechia
Bore: Medium
Alloy: Gold Brass
Bell: Fixed
Lacquer: Unlacquered
Condition: Good
Other Details: True legend! Vintage (1977) gold brass Alexander 104, which is basically 103 model with double stopping valve, that is famous of its quality and the unique sound color.

This one had just a significant, proffesional renovation been done that included:
- deep ultrasonic and outer surface cleaning
- compression improvement (cylinders silver plating)
- brand new original minibals installed
- finger hook reinforcement (to avoid collapsing or perforation in the future, brass got a bit weaker there)
- small patch installed on the mouthpipe
- reducing of any stresses of the material
- oiling and lubrication

I am keeping it on the playing condition so it would not be raw. It is just too heavy for me and I do not need a stopping valve, so I prefer the plain 103.

Trials available in Poland, Czechia and Germany upon contact.
Worldwide shipping available!


Telephone: +48 501-831-091

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