Name: David Claydon
City: Elstree
Country: United Kingdom
Serial Number: 6- 280
Bore: Medium
Alloy: Gold Brass
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: Yes 95 per cent
Case: Thomann screw bell
Condition: Good
Other Details: Rare Walter Monnig Geyer style horn. Customised by Artisan Horns Uk. Made in early 90s I'm informed and played professionally in the Netherlands Hilversum orchestra by a well known professional and horn maker.

Made in Markneukirchen.

Rich sound. Not overly heavy. Medium bell throat.

Walter Monnig sadly passed away and the brand doesn't exist nowadays. When he was alive and producing, his horns we're regarded in Germany as high quality and consistent is my understanding though he very rarely built geyer style fulll doubles? I've never seen another...

Most are single b flats like Peter Damms or large bell kruspe horns. Occasionally one sees compensators or descant like the Gurzenich orchestra solo horns Monnig compensator?

Happy to stand corrected if there are Monnig experts out there!

Very good condition and very good compression. A little hiss if you really really really blow super hard while covering the valve slides holes. General sense that valves were very well built.

Basically well built old st
Extras: Thomann backpack case


Telephone: 07551 488 151
Walter Monnig custom

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