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The IHS Friendship Project offers adjusted one-year regular and electronic memberships to residents of countries based on the United Nations Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI). To view the adjusted rates and see if you qualify for a Friendship Project adjustment, visit The Friendship Project page.

A Club Membership discount is available for groups of eight or more members joining together. For more information, contact Assistant to the Executive Director Myrddin Rees Davies at assistant@hornsociety.org.

Since 1970, The International Horn Society (IHS) has been an organization of people from around the world drawn together with a mutual interest in the horn. We are dedicated to the performance, teaching, composition, research, preservation, and promotion of the horn as a musical instrument.

If you are not already an IHS member, it is both affordable & easy to join the IHS. There are many good reasons to join the IHS. Members receive a subscription to our journal, The Horn Call, which provides news and announcements, feature articles, clinics, music and recording reviews, workshop reports, and much of interest to all who love the horn. Follow the links on this page to learn more about the IHS.

Benefits Include

  • Discounts to attend symposia and other sponsored events
  • Discounts offered by IHS supporting businesses to IHS members
  • Subscription to The Horn Call magazine, published 3 times each year.
  • Digital access to all past issues of The Horn Call
  • Scholarships and Competition support.
  • Unlimited access to this website
  • Access to our Thesis Lending library
  • Access to funding for the commissioning of new works for Horn
  • Support of Commission Works by Major Composers
  • Support of Horn players in countries where economic conditions prevent membership
  • Networking opportunities with thousands of Horn players worldwide.

Membership Dues

  • Regular Membership: $65/year
  • Regular E-Membership: $40/year (Electronic members have all the rights and privileges of regular members but do not receive the printed copy of The Horn Call. E-members are notified when each issue is available to download from IHS Online.)
  • Student Membership (under age 27): $32/year

You may start your membership in the IHS at any time of the year. Publications are mailed Bulk Rate in the USA and International Surface Airlift outside the USA. Please note that membership and mailing information for the mailing of The Horn Call is sent to our publisher in the fourth week of January, April and September for the February, May and October issues, respectively. Changes made and new memberships created after those dates will take effect with the following issue.

For other information please contact:

Myrddin Rees Davies
Assistant to the Executive Director
International Horn Society

 — Already a Member?

If you prefer not to register or renew online, you may download a pdf pdf registration form (67 KB) and submit it by mail.

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