by Peter Damm

ib2 190Music was his life; the horn was his special love.

The news comes to us with sadness and melancholy that our dear horn friend Ib Lanzky-Otto, freed from his suffering, has passed away. For all who knew him, his death is a painful loss.

In the truest sense of the word, Ib was a legend. His expressive, warm horn sound, his flawless technique and his wonderful musical phrasing will never be forgotten. From the time I first met him in the 1960’s, I treasured him as a human being, as a musician and artist, and I cherished his good humor and amiable, warm-hearted manner. Ours was a friendship that spanned many years. As I write this, I am reminded of various encounters, cooperation at summer music courses, and not least of his long collaboration as an objective juror at our international wind competition in Markneukirchen. 

We will hold Ib Lanzky-Otto in our memory with utmost gratitude.

Translation: KMT

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