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Horn and More, the IHS Newsletter, launched in February 2015, is free to anyone, IHS member or not. For members, it complements The Horn Call. For non-members, it is a glimpse into content you can expect in the journal.

Those who subscribe receive monthly issues by email which include regular columns, personal stories, educational content, and horn-related articles and links. Contributions from hornists around the world will be in their language (and will have, in most cases, English translations). Content will include video and audio tracks, announcements for events, and much more. You are also welcome to Email us with your suggestions for topics of interest in your part of the world.

Sign up to receive the newsletter; you can unsubscribe at any time. If you are an IHS member or have a user account for IHS Online, log in to your account first so your member information is recognized and appears in the form automatically. Thank you for subscribing!


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Horn and More, June 2023

Horn and More, May 2023

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Horn and More, November 2022

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Horn and More, September 2022

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Horn and More, July 2022

Horn and More, June 2022

Horn and More, May 2022

Horn and More, April 2022

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