The mission of the International Horn Society's website ( is to be the principal source of information about the horn and the activities of the IHS, and to promote horn playing, fellowship, and communication betweens hornists worldwide.

To this end,

  • provides information concerning future and past international, regional, and area workshops/symposia, events, and competitions.
  • supports research concerning the history, literature, and pedagogy of the horn in a variety of ways.
  • allows IHS members access to job listings, special articles, areas of interest to a wide range of horn players and teachers, horn music, and the ability to advertise instruments and equipment for sale.
  • Encourages horn players to join the International Horn Society.

The International Horn Society recommends that HORN be recognized as the correct name for our instrument in the English language. [From the Minutes of the First General Meeting, June 15, 1971, Tallahassee, Florida USA]

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