Buy or sell horns, accessories, music, etc. Only IHS members are allowed to post and only registered site users may view contact information for items listed.

Member News
IHS news, as well as news items from the horn world submitted by IHS members.

Horn Event Calendar
Add your concert, clinic or workshop to the horn events calendar. Only IHS members are allowed to post.

Performance Job Listings
Compiled and updated quarterly by Jeffrey Agrell

A listing of horn related employment opportunities, primarily academic. To post a job opening announcement contact

Assistantships, fellowships and other financial aid opportunities for student hornists. To post an announcement contact

IHS Forum
Join fellow horn players in a broad ranging forum. Only Only IHS members are allowed to post. The forum includes an"Ask the Pros" section with a different correspondent every other month.

Some of the best the web has to offer for horn players, including many national or regional horn related sites.

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