Content includes lectures and recitals from IHS symposiums and historical recordings.

Horner - the Philadelphia years

Part 3

Horner - student days

Part 2

Horner - the early years

Part 1

Anton Horner Introduction

The First Annual French Horn Workshop was held at Florida State University in 1969. At the opening General Session prominent horn personalities present included Arthur Berv, James Chambers, Philip Farkas, Carl Geyer, Anton Horner, Wendell Hoss, Max Pottag, and Barry Tuckwell (John Barrows arrived later in the week.). It was during this week that the idea was suggested for an international organization of horn players. An organizing committee later declared the IHS "founded" and elected the first officers of the IHS: Barry Tuckwell, President; Wendell Hoss, Vice-President; Norman Schweikert, Secretary-Treasurer.

As has been the practice at many subsequent Workshops, many of the proceedings of the 1st Workshop were recorded. We are delighted to be able to offer a selection of events from 1969 as podcast episodes. The sound quality is sometimes poor, but most of the words can be discerned.

The items have not been edited, but have been chopped into shorter excerpts to aid download times, and make it easier to find individual references.

There are three main items, totaling just under 90 minutes of material.

In the first set of podcasts, Anton Horner is interviewed by James Chambers about his life in horn playing

  • Introduction
  • Part 1 his early years, and arrival in the USA
  • Part 2 his student years
  • Part 3 his time in the Philadelphia Orchestra
  • Part 4 his move to a double horn
  • Part 5 his becoming a teacher at the Curtis Institute
  • Part 6 from the time he left the Curtis Institute until 1969 

Listen now - Introduction:

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