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Composing Etudes

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10 feb 2008 04:04 #35 by IHS Online Manager
Composing Etudes was created by IHS Online Manager

I'm writing some studies for french horn. My aim is to write for specific problems, but in a different language than usually french horn player are used to play, some what jazzy style.

To serve that purpose, for example I wrote a very tricky study on time changes and rhythm, but within only one and a half octave and with only the first 2 finger, or a quarter tone study written on a blues form. I've also wrote a study for fast right hand changes and I will write one only on natural harmonics. I'm really enjoying to write them and to play them. My Aim is difficulty in one aspect, easy and funny on others.

I would like to know your opinion on that and what specific matters do you think could be interesting to include on these etudes.

Thanks again for your classes, in Czech Republic, for me you are the best french horn pedagogue ever!

All the best

Ricardo Matosinhos


Dear Ricardo,

Nice to hear from you, and thanks for the encouraging words!

To your question: These kind of studies sound like something we all would be happy to have at hand, for our own enjoyment and professional development, as well as for students needing extra help in specific areas.

What you mention yourself seem very appropriate to include; fast hand stopping, rhythmic challenges, accuracy when dealing only with the natural harmonics and even quarter tone studies!

Maybe you could also include some exercises for smooth legato playing in small intervals as well as large (may be two different studies), and some for training the rapidity of the tongue, (without too many fingering challenges?), single as well as double and triple tonguing. Some fun low range studies would also be welcome, I believe.

I cannot think of anything else to suggest right now. Best of luck with this project! I am looking forward to the result very much!

Most CORdially, Frøydis Ree Wekre

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