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Songs of the Wolf

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19 feb 2008 07:21 #36 by IHS Online Manager
Songs of the Wolf was created by IHS Online Manager

I was sent an amazing CD called Songs of the Wolf. I was wondering if there is sheet music for the solos. I've searched everywhere! I'm a French Horn player in the 2D Marine Division Band. My section and I would love to get our hands on solos like that. We're getting tired of playing marches all the time.

Cpl Samantha Montgomery, USMC


Hello, Samantha Montgomery,

I am glad to hear that you enjoy the selection of music on my CD from 1996, Songs of the Wolf. I like to try to help expanding our repertoire. For this I have been focusing on asking composers with a “human touch”, i.e. that they still use some sort of melody, harmony and rhythm, thus creating some emotionality in their musical stories, the way I feel and experience it, subjective as that might very well be.

All the publishers are actually listed on the CD from Crystal.

Composer Trygve Madsen’s publisher is Musikkhusets Forlag, although just a year ago they have been fusioned with Norsk Musikkforlag. Check out for more information on Norwegian music and composers.

Composer Wolfgang Plagge publishes most of his music now on the net, where it can be downloaded for free. Check out There you will also find information and some samples of my latest (and I believe last!) CD, CEROS from 2004.

Composer Stanley Friedman is being published by Seesaw Music in the USA, and

composer Andrea Clearfield’s music can be bought from JOMAR Press in Texas. Observe that her latest piece for two horns and piano is getting around a lot these days, I think this piece will definitely be a “stayer”, just like the Hornlokk by Sigurd Berge.

Composer Sigurd Berge’s publisher for the Hornlokk is Norsk Musikkforlag, but for his trio for three horns (on CEROS) you will find the parts and score available on

Thanks again for your interest in finding new and exciting music, and best of luck in your further search and musical journeys.

Most CORdially,

Frøydis Ree Wekre \@()

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