New Recording - "Wiener Melange"

20 aug 2018 11:17 - 29 aug 2018 07:21 #1734 by Peter Dorfmayr
New Recording - "Wiener Melange" was created by Peter Dorfmayr
Dear Horn Society!

After many labor-intensive weeks, I am now in the final phase of one of my projects, which I would like to introduce here briefly.
Johannes Wilhelm and I realized an idea that we had been thinking about for some time: a joint recording in "Wiener style" for Wienerhorn and piano named "Wiener Melange".

We prepared a program that is as varied as possible and still following a common thread. So we included old Viennese composers like F. Schubert and J. Strauss as well as the contemporaries K. Schwertsik, A. Gmachl Jr. and M. Rainer in the program. Fortunately for Schubert and Strauss we have been able to win the fantastic voice of Christina Gansch.
I really hope that with this recording I can make a contribution to the wonderful Viennese sound tradition and that it will be well accepted in the huge Hornworld. (Further information about the CD, as well as the possibility to order it, can be found on my homepage at )

I am grateful for all feedback on the CD, as well as for my new homepage, which Stefan Obmann (a friend of mine) has designed for me. Please tell me what you think about it and share it, if you like it!

Greetings after a meanwhile long summer in Bregenz,
Peter Dorfmayr
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