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Joy NancyNancy Joy’s infectious enthusiasm has led the IHS since 2005 to symposiums across the US and around the world, including to South Africa, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, and Belgium. In addition, she has brought her New Mexico State University horn choir, Corno Crew, to participate in many symposiums, in 2000 memorably performing on the Great Wall in China. Nancy served on the Advisory Council for two terms (2003-2009) and has chaired the IHS Scholarship Committee.

Nancy’s career has combined performance and education along with her active service to the horn society. She received a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Wittenberg University School of Music in Springfield, Ohio, studying with Richard Chenoweth, and a Master of Music in Horn Performance at New Mexico State University, studying with Warner Hutchison. Nancy is currently horn professor at New Mexico State University. At the same time, she is principal horn of the Las Cruces Symphony at NMSU and second horn of the El Paso Symphony Orchestra and El Paso Opera Company.

Nancy is also a soloist, often performing with educational organizations, and participates in regional and international conferences, including those of the New Mexico Music Educators Association, the International Women's Brass Conference, and the IHS. In her private studio, she teaches beginning horn students through high school level, and she conducts clinics in Breathing Gym and Interactive Video Audition Service International around the US and the world.

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