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The IHS has depended on Dan since 2007 for the ever-more-important website management. The term “master” appropriately applies to Dan. He also operates The Jury-System™, a web application for administering college music juries. He was host of the 2013 International Horn Symposium in Memphis.

Dan is Professor Emeritus of Horn at the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music of The University of Memphis, having retired in 2019. Before arriving at Memphis in 1999, he taught at Southern Illinois University and Iowa State University. He holds degrees in horn performance from Michigan State University and the University of Notre Dame and has done additional graduate study at Indiana University.

In addition to his teaching duties, Dan played in the Memphis Brass Quintet, the Memphis Woodwind Quintet, and the university's faculty Birth of the Cool Ensemble. Outside of the university, he played in the PRIZM Ensemble, a mixed instrument chamber music group, the Eroica Ensemble, and frequently as substitute or extra with the Memphis Symphony.

Dan’s background as a hornist includes extensive experience in solo, chamber ensemble, symphonic, studio, and operatic idioms throughout the US and in Europe, Brazil, and Japan. He has a broad background as a conductor, arranger, and teacher. He served three terms as Visiting Professor at Southern Illinois University's campus in Nakajo, Japan; and in the spring of 1992 he was an Artist-in-Residence at the Latvian Music Academy in Riga.

Dan was awarded the Service Medal of Honor during the IHS 53 remote symposium in 2021.

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