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IHS E-Newsletter July 2016

IHS E-Newsletter July 2016
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Volume 2 Issue 7, July 2016   Facebook

Dear ,

Wow - what a fantastic symposium! We, the Advisory Council of the IHS, would like to thank everyone who made #IHS48 possible, especially Alex Shuhan and his expert staff. We’ve made a collage of Ithaca moments based on your video contributions. Spontaneous duets and trios, a message from resident composer Dana Wilson, water fountains, alphorns, sheep, exhibits, concerts, receptions, Tai Chi, and even an after-hours magic trick by outgoing president Jeff Nelsen all make an appearance. In a separate video, the host of #IHS49 (June 26-30, 2017 in Natal, Brazil,) Radegundis Tavares, shows off his cooking skills with a traditional Brazilian breakfast treat, prepared live in the residence hall kitchen at Emerson Hall at Ithaca College. Horn superstar Gail Williams also offers advice on attaining peak performance in our regular pedagogical column.

Wishing you a great summer and great chops,

Editor Kristina Mascher-Turner and the Advisory Council
International Horn Society

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Lesson for a Peak Performance

by Gail Williams

williamsIn thinking about this article, so many people have given wonderful advice and perspective. I thought I would add to what has been written and add some of my soul-searching ideas. How does one teach students to think about the importance of practicing now for the future? We are so worried and stressed about the present; we forget we are preparing for the next 40+ years.

HOW? Let us think about building a big Triangle and the concept of a big base for success and longevity. (these concepts were taken from Hal Higdon’s marathon book). Injuries occur when our training is short, or our base of our triangle is short. Mental training, flexibility, strength and endurance all come from the base of this triangle.

If we think that the left part of the triangle is our left-brain, and right side of triangle is the performing, we can start to build this base and have a very high peak of the triangle for a peak performance.

Mental training, where to start? If I were to have time to list all the books that are now available, this article would be VERY long. But a good starting place would be “Inner Game of Tennis” by Timothy Gallwey, “Audition Success and Performance Success” by Don Greene, “Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle, to name a few, but Everyone needs to find their own focus. Meditation, biofeedback, yoga and many other options are a few suggestions. In this fast paced world, we all need to choose “something”! Learning your best way to “stay in the music,” as Mr. Herseth would say and “always Perform and Sing.”

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