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IHS E-Newsletter, March 2022

IHS E-Newsletter, March 2022

‍Volume 8, Issue 3, March 2022 

D‍ear ,

Greetings, and welcome to the March 2022 issue of Horn and More!

It is my honor to introduce this issue of the IHS e-Newsletter. Here in the southern United States, the cool winter months have already given way to warmer temperatures, though the heat and humidity of the summer are still several weeks away. For me, this is one of most exciting times of the year, with numerous student and faculty performances on our campus, as well as growing anticipation for summer conferences and other gatherings. Whether this is your first or fiftieth Horn and More, I’m sure you’ll find it full of exciting and useful content. In his welcome message for the first e-Newsletter in February, 2015, Jeff Nelsen wrote, “We’ve put together a great mix of information about horn events, performers, performance, pedagogy and more.” This statement is as true now as it was then, and over the past 57 issues the editorial team at Horn and More has consistently delivered high-quality content from around the globe. The March issue will take you on an international tour, including stories from Latin America, Albania, and the United States. In a world full of information – some of it reliable, some of it less so – it is my hope that the IHS and its various digital and print publications remain one of your trusted sources about the horn. On a final note, if you have not yet made plans to attend IHS 54 at Texas A&M University Kingsville, there is still time do so, and I hope to see you there! 

Wishing you good health and great chops!

James Boldin
IHS Publications Editor

Married in the Military

‍by Nicholas and Nicole Calouri

America’s military musicians are among the finest on the planet. The following presentation offers a personal glimpse into the lives of my long-time friends Nick and Nicole Caluori, a married couple who perform together in the band of the United States Military Academy at West Point, one of the United States Army’s premier bands. At the end of the video, enjoy a performance by the West Point Band Horn Section, including SFC Drew Mangus (second) and SSG Chris Hunter (fourth). MH

Tradition in Albania

by Ilir Kodhima

kodhimaAlbania is a country in southeastern Europe located on the western part of the Balkan Peninsula. Due to its strategic geographic location, Albania has often been part of great wars and tragic historical events; this has adversely affected artistic growth and development.

Classical music in Albania was introduced via wind orchestras. Much evidence for this can be seen in photographs from the city of Shkodra dating to 1878. The ensemble was first directed by the Italian conductor, Maestro Giovanni Canale. Three years later, the group was directed by the well-known Albanian Palok Kurti.

albania1In the early 1900’s, wind orchestras were very popular throughout the country, becoming part of political and cultural events. The first city closely associated with wind orchestras was Shkodra. Almost every neighborhood or school in the city had its own wind orchestra made up almost exclusively of amateurs and students. One of the most popular wind orchestras was in the city of Skopje. The ensemble was supported by many nationalists, including Hasan Prishtina, Kolë Bojaxhi (St. Mother Teresa’s father), and others. This ensemble played a very important role in the inspiration and entertainment of the citizens during the fight for liberation from the Ottoman Empire.

Wind orchestras from two other cities played a similar role in this era:

Korce Freedom Wind Orchestra of Korçë
Aferdita Afërdita Wind Orchestra of...

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Students in the City

by Hannah Culbreth and Jack Bryant 

students in the city
(l-r) Sarah Boxmeyer, Hannah Culbreth, Jack Bryant, Etienne Kambara, Christine Ott, Martina Adams, Andrew Stump, Jennifer Montone, Jeff Lang, John Clark

After a long hiatus from live concerts due to the pandemic, we were excited to return to Verizon Hall on February 20th for our first orchestra concert for a live audience. We played a rather horn-heavy program, including Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind Instruments, Barber’s Toccata Festiva for organ and orchestra, and Strauss’s Also Sprach Zarathustra.

The historic Curtis Institute building at 1726 Locust closed for renovations while school was held online and just recently reopened. We now enjoy practicing in the large comfortable rooms while looking out over Rittenhouse Square and watching for people walking their dogs.

Curtis has an extensive collection of instruments available to the students for rental, either donated to the school or purchased for our studio, including alphorns, Wagner tubas, and period instruments. We especially enjoy practicing classical repertoire on the Seraphinoff natural horns and Kopprasch on a Wiener horn made by Robert Engel. The school also owns many vintage Conn 8Ds and a variety of descant horns, some of which were owned by former principal players in the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Our teachers, Jen Montone and Jeff Lang, often invite well-known players to give masterclasses. Recent guests have included Fergus McWillliam, Radovan Vlatkovic, Julie Landsman, Nury Guarnaschelli, Randy Gardner, David Cooper,...

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Advisory Council Elections

Your voice matters! Be sure to vote for up to 3 of our Advisory Council candidates either online at, or via the ballot card found in the February 2022 issue of The Horn Call. Voting remains open until April 15, 2022.

Una visión de Arnold Jacobs

flag ptem português

uk flagin English

por Christian Morabito

¿Cómo influyó el maestro Arnold Jacobs en mí, sin siquiera llegar conocerlo?

morabitoEn diciembre del año 2018 comencé a ver videos del maestro Charles Vernon (trombón bajo de la CSO) en YouTube, ya que siempre me gustó su manera de tocar, su sonido y su musicalidad. En ese momento me pareció super interesante su enfoque pedagógico desde sus explicaciones simples y también su sentido del humor. Me concentré tanto en ese enfoque que pensé… “por qué no subtitular sus videos?”. Llegué inclusive a enviarle un email porque necesitaba su permiso para hacer el trabajo, pero nunca recibí respuesta. Sé que es una persona muy ocupada. Comencé a buscar información relacionada porque sentía que mis conceptos respecto a sonido, respiraciones y demás cosas que había aprendido con mi maestro Jorge Ramírez Álvarez (ex trombón bajo de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Buenos Aires, donde actualmente trabajo como corno grave), eran similares.

Un día, buscando información similar a la del maestro Vernon, descubrí una página de Arnold Jacobs: TUBAPEOPLETV!. Ex alumnos del maestro contaban sus experiencias propias en clases privadas en el sótano de su estudio de la calle South Normal -el famoso sótano!- y también en el edificio de Bellas artes, ambos en Chicago, entrevistados por un señor llamado Michael Grose. En ese momento se me ocurrió la idea de enviarle un email directamente a la página de Arnold Jacobs ya que no había recibido respuesta del señor Vernon y no quería quedarme sin conocer más del tema. Luego de escribir el email y enviarlo, pidiendo permiso para subtitular los videos de las entrevistas en mi idioma natal el español- que por cierto, son super interesantes...

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