Feature Articles

IHS Commissions a Major New Work
A critically acclaimed work by Joseph Schwantner, Beyond Autumn. By William Scharnberg.

Elias (Eduard Constantin) Lewy and the First Performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
An in depth examination of the premiere performance of this masterpiece of natural horn writing. By Theodore Albrecht.

A History of Horn Choirs in the United States
by Anthony Schons

The Birth of the Gliere Concerto
A remembrance by the hornist for whom the masterwork was written, Valery Polekh.

It's Never too Late
A pair of articles on starting the horn, by Kerry Geddes and Kieg Garvin.

Trashing the Valved Horn?
Comments on valved and natural horns from turn-of-the-century England. By John Ericson.

Un piston français sur un cor allemand
The original French version of an article from the May 2008 issue.


pdf  The Pursuit of Confidence in Horn Playing; From Dis-ease to Ease, Sound Technique and Healthy Musicianship (690.08 kB) , by Irena Marie Rieband
An excerpt appeared in the May 2010 issue of The Horn Call. Here is a pdf version of the entire dissertation.

The Adult Amateur Experience: A View From Both Teacher and Student
by Lynn Steeves and Tina Barkan

Online Exclusive: pdf  Prolongational Analysis for the Natural Horn Player (885.25 kB)
By Bruce Bonnell. PDF download,  for IHS members only

To trip or not to triple...?
Is the triple the horn of the future? By Frøydis Ree Wekre

Never Say Never - Again
Frøydis Ree Wekre on myths and negative rules

Online Exclusive:Median and Ulnar Neuropathies in University Brass Players
Key words: nerve conduction study, brass players, neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome

Embouchure Health and Maintenance
The embouchure is a remarkably complex area of a horn player's physique. By Andrew J. Pelletier.

Advice for Amateurs
By Marilyn Bone Kloss.

Is a Beautiful Sound Really of Any Importance?
Thoughts on tone and musicality. By Ib Lanzky-Otto.

Audition Excerpt List
An extensive survey of North American orchestras. By Brian Thomas and Seth Orgel.

The Infinite Power of Self-Determination
By S. Earl Saxton.

Medical Problems of Wind Players
By Philip Farkas.

So You Want to Be a Pro?
Thoughts on making a career in music. By Rebecca Root.

A Guide to Testing Horns
By Francis Orval.

As if Your Life Depended on it
Advice from masters of the horn. By Michael Meckna.

Out the Bell
Items that explore the lighter side or our instrument

The Horn
A poem for Hella and Hermann Baumann. By Keith McCaughin.

The Possum Photo
A classic. By Jane Steig Parsons.