IHS E-Newsletter October 2017

IHS E-Newsletter October 2017
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Volume 3 Issue 8, October 2017   Facebook

vandreel headerDear ,

Greetings from Eugene, Oregon in the heart of the Pacific Northwest! I hope this newsletter finds you all enjoying music in every aspect – performing, listening, advocating, and participating in every way that you can.

Last June, I was very fortunate to be able to attend the 49th annual International Horn Symposium in Natal, Brazil, hosted by Radegundis Tavares and was elected to the Advisory Council of the International Horn Society. As a longtime performer and teacher, this new position gives me a wonderful opportunity to serve our community of horn players in a way that is new for me, and it gives me pause to reflect not only on the wonderful performers and teachers that have shaped my own musical life, but on how many people have helped and influenced me from behind the scenes as well. From administrators and secretaries, to stage hands, fundraisers and policy advocates, so many unsung heroes play such an important role in ensuring that our collective cultural traditions can be enjoyed and experienced by us all, and as an intentional community, we can help pass our knowledge and love of music on to the next generation.

One such unsung hero is the inimitable Heidi Vogel, who you will hear from in this issue. Heidi has been the Executive Director of the International Horn Society for many years, and has done a stellar job of administering the nuts and bolts of this organization. I got to spend some quality time with Heidi while attending the symposium in Brazil, and it was such a pleasure to get to know her quiet, warm wit, and to see her in action as Executive Director. So, I just want to give a friendly shout-out to Heidi to thank her for her incredible contribution, years of dedication and fortitude as our administrative leader of the International Horn Society.

In this issue, you’ll also get a chance to read an interview with Joshua Williams, winner of the International Horn Competition of America - professional division, read about the Sauerland Horn Workshop which took place in Germany, hear from Kerry Turner about triple horns, check out some fabulous photos from the horn festival at the Mt. Etna, and much more!

As I begin my new role as Advisory Council member, I want to encourage you to be aware of the changing roles you will continue to play in our horn community, how important each and every one of us is to each other, and how every role matters.

Thanks so much for reading, and happy horning!

Lydia van Dreel
Advisory Council member
International Horn Society


Interview of the Month - Joshua Williams

Kristina Mascher-Turner: First of all, it seems your life may have taken an exciting turn recently...a huge congratulations on behalf of the International Horn Society on your first prize at the International Horn Competition of America! Has the high worn off yet?

josh williams2Josh Williams: I think it has! As amazing as this accomplishment was, it has only motivated me to get back to work!

KMT: Please tell us a bit about how you came to play the horn in the first place, and about that moment when it all "clicked" for you - when you decided to dedicate yourself to becoming a professional musician.

JW: I decided to join the band in 7th grade because I honestly had nothing better to do. My family moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama in the middle of the school year, so I could not play football. My dad told me to play the horn because the school would have one available to rent. He and I both saw band as a temporary thing. I guess we were both wrong! I decided to dedicate myself to becoming a professional musician in the 10th grade after being selected for the Honor Band of America. Being around some of the other top high school musicians in the country was a humbling and life-changing experience.

KMT: Preparing for a solo competition is a very specific and personal process. How far in advance did you start practicing for the IHCA? How many hours a day did you put in during the most intense period?

JW: I started preparing for the IHCA in early May. I actually quit my summer job to prepare for the competition! I was a literal depiction of a “broke college student,” but it paid off. I honestly do not know how much I practiced during the most intense period of preparation. I often get lost in the music and several hours go by. I cut the sessions down to an hour a day starting in mid-August.

KMT: Were there any passages in the competition repertoire that were particularly challenging for you? Why?

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Helden, Sagen und Mythen

uk flagEnglish version

Besonderer Sound bei „Sauerländer Horntagen“

Von Mathias Pfläging


Das achte Symposium rund um das Horn lockte 60 Musiker aus ganz Deutschland, Luxemburg und der Schweiz in das Herz des Sauerlandes. Auch in diesem Jahr konnten die beiden Leiter der Horntage, Uwe Becker und Mathias Pfläging, hochkarätige Dozenten gewinnen:

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I recently attended the alumni reunion weekend at the Crane School of Music, State University of New York at Potsdam. An Alumni Band was organized as part of the event, and after the performance in Hosmer Hall I was happy to get a section photo with our former horn professor. Our section included one of his first students, one of his last, and myself smack in the middle.

Andrew Allport

schabergLeft to right: Peter Head (class of '99), Professor Roy Schaberg (retired), David Loddengaard (class of '72), and Andrew Allport (class of '92).


My Return to the Triple

By Kerry Turner

kturner tripleMy first encounter with a triple horn was as a college freshman. I had enrolled at Baylor University to study with Bill Robinson. At the time, all I could afford was a Selmer double. Prof. Robinson had just acquired 2 Paxman triples, I’m not sure how, and offered to let me play one of them. It was an instant love affair. Mind you, it wasn’t about playing high notes. I’ve always been blessed with a decent high range. What was it about the horn that made so much sense to me? I think the best way to understand it is to look at what I did not like about the double horn. You don’t really know what is limiting about a double until you learn to play a triple.

Recently, I had the very same experience. I played a Paxman triple during all of my years with the American Horn Quartet. When I began playing with that venerable ensemble, I was playing an Alex 103. The members of the AHQ strongly recommended that I switch to a triple horn. They claimed that, given the sort of repertoire and length of concerts we would be performing, I would soon see the advantages of such an instrument.

Last year, shortly after the AHQ retired, I began to long for a double horn again. the double felt so light in my hands. I felt the vibrations coming off the instrument better. It was sort of like driving a sports car after years behind the wheel of a Winnebago.

However, after a while, the limitations of the double horn began to make themselves known. After six days of 6-hour recording sessions in the orchestra, on the last day, I was faced with extremely delicate, soft and stopped passages on a piece. It was tough going for me. One of my colleagues, who was playing a triple, showed me how much easier that particular passage would be using the high F side. I tried it, and the notes popped right out.

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Heidi Before She Earned Her Grey Hair

heidi and edgarAfter over 20 years, I am resigning from my position as Executive Director of the International Horn Society at the end of 2018. I cannot express how much serving the members of the International Horn Society has meant to me over the years. This job has allowed me to travel the world and experience musical performances at the highest levels. Meeting so many talented, exciting, and wonderful new friends has been the highlight of this position. At this point in my life, I am moving on to new goals and expanding my horizons in other creative areas. The International Horn Society has become my family, and your embrace has made me a better person.

If you feel you have the passion and experience needed to work for the International Horn Society, the Executive Director job position description, requirements and application process are found on our website, www.hornsociety.org. The initial deadline for application is November 15, 2017. Questions about the position and process can be directed to Jeff Snedeker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Heidi Vogel


Second Mt. Etna Horn Festival


The second International Horn Festival of Etna Volcano was held August 21-25. It was an unforgettable event with nearly 40 participants from all over Italy. Masterclass and concerts for five days with the participation of great horn masters. See the video here.


Barry Tuckwell Award



Award: U.S. $500 towards expenses to attend any horn masterclass or workshop in the world.


New Earlier Deadline:
December 1, 2017!


Click here for details

Timely Technology

The TE Tuner - The Totally Emotional Tuner!

by Jeff Nelsen

During my intonation work, I’m often reminded of a well-known golf saying.

I hate my tuner. I hate my tuner. Hey! Nice note! I love my tuner.

Often our tuner work can become emotional. That’s where the Totally Emotional Tuner app comes in!

Ok, no, that’s not what the TE stands for. But you do get an awesome smile on your screen when you’re in tune. We can always use a little smile in the practice room from time to time, eh?!

There are tons of great apps out there. Here’s another one that has become my go-to app for my daily tuner, metronome, and recording myself work.

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Prague Spring


Dear fellow horn players!

l pmIn my experience as a participant in numerous international horn competitions, I have met with dozens of young horn players, I have tied links with some of today’s best professional players from all over the world and I have listened to so much great horn playing!!! Every new competition was a challenge and an opportunity to learn something, new repertoire, different players, wonderful horn sounds, and to meet with all kinds of human beings, ranging from the narrow-minded competitive asshole to the sweetest beer/wine drinking horn playing people around! These competitions also helped me to bring my playing to the best it could be at the time, made me a much stronger and better player and a more open and curious artist. I really wish I could do it again!

I am very pleased to present you with a new program the IHS has put together through its International Competition Funds. It will reward the winners of international horn competitions, with an additional US$1,000 prize, an IHS membership as well as a Featured Artist spot to a subsequent International Horn Symposium. These measures are put together to encourage younger horn players to join into these competitions, to meet and hear other hornists and to give the best out of their horn! 

From October 30th to November 4th will be held the International « Città di Porcia » Competition in Italy, stay tuned for the stories and news!

Also, applications are now open for the Prague Spring Competition, which will take place from May 7th to 15th, 2018, in Prague, Czech Republic. You have until December 1st, 2017 to send your application. All informations are available at http://competition.festival.cz/en/news or through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PragueSpringCompetition/

I sincerely hope all the horn competitions participants will get some fun and some learning experiences out of it, and eventually will bring the horn world to a higher level!!!

Louis-Philippe Marsolais
IHS Advisory Council


Being Purple

IHS Members Only feature

The Creative Hornist

Jeffrey Agrell, Series Editor

agrellThis is my last Creative Hornist column. After seventeen years, I’m turning over the reins to an extremely creative team: Dr. James Naigus and Dr. Drew Phillips. Both are college horn teachers who also compose, play piano, and who have their own performing duo (“Cor Moto”) where they switch off playing each other’s compositions while the other accompanies on piano.

I’m not going anywhere, I’m just going on to other things. One of the catalysts for the change is the sabbatical I had during spring semester 2016. It was a transformative time for me in a number of ways. I got to be a beginner at something for the first time in a long time (drums/rhythm study), and that part of it was both scary and exhilarating. I was used to giving lessons where I was the expert. Now I was the novice, making imperfect efforts to imitate the master. I was nervous about my mistakes, all too aware of how far I had to go, but I couldn’t wait to get back to the drum to practice more after every lesson.

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Pedagogy Column: Jose Zarzo, Gran Canaria Philharmonic

uk flagEnglish version

Impartir clases en Gran Canaria/Canarias/España

zarzoDesde que llegue a la orquesta filarmonica de gran canaria (www.ofgrancanaria.com) en 1989, enseguida comencé a impartir clases de trompa en la academia de la orquesta. Tuve el privilegio de tener muy talentosos alumnos, como Antonio Hernandez (actualmente solista de trompa en la banda municipal de música de las palmas de gran canaria) y Raul Ortiz (colega y solista de trompa en la orquesta filarmonica de gran canaria). Durante sus estudios, Raul y Antonio también tuvieron la suerte de ser becarios de la Orquesta Filarmonica de GC. Tocaban unas dos semanas al mes cada uno, al menos una obra del programa de cada semana, o tocaban en algún titulo de opera o concierto escolar etc.

Les hice conocer/estudiar el maravilloso libro - The Art of French Horn Playing - de Philip Farkas y otros grandes libros y les obligaba a atender todos los conciertos de la orquesta filarmonica de gc y también a disfrutar de las mas grandes/espectaculares orquestas, durante el famoso festival internacional de música de canarias (enero y febrero de cada año) donde escucharon orquestas como: Pittsburgh Symphony, Cincinnatti Symphony, Chicago Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Boston Symphony, Montreal Symphony, London Symphony, St. Petersburg Philharmonic, WDR Sinfonie orchester/, NDR Sinfonie Orchester, Sinfonie Orchester des Dayerischen Rundfunks, Munich Phil, Berlin Phil, Vienna Phil, Deutsches Sinfonie Orchester Berlin, etc., etc.

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hornithologyHornithology Summer Horn Ensemble, August 2017, led by Rachel Daly. You can watch the full concert at www.hornithologyensemble.com



We are looking forward to seeing you "back home again in Indiana" for the 2018 International Horn Symposium, July 30 - August 4! The symposium website listing featured artists, travel options, etc., is still a work in progress, but proposals for Contributing Artists, lecturers, etc. are being accepted.. Come celebrate the 50th IHS family reunion with us.

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