Lacquered VS Unlacquered

13 十二 2015 17:19 #1569 by David Lyons
Lacquered VS Unlacquered was created by David Lyons
I have been searching for just the right bell flare to go with the unlacquered rose brass Paxman Triple I have been playing for about 10 months. I really like my friend's wide Engelbert Schmid yellow brass flare with silver garland...seems to add just the right amount of heft and zing for me. My friend tells me that he spoke with a well known player who told him that the Yamaha people have done extensive comparison of lacquered and unlacquered equipment and find no difference in tone production.

Ideally, I would get an unlacquered bell because it would make a nice cosmetic match for my horn, but before I invest in a new bell flare, I'd like to get some anecdotal input from other players' experience with this issue. I have always felt that unlacquered equipment gives a less bright sound, and I would not want to lose that aspect of the sound I have with my current combination


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