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What is this horn???

10 六 2021 11:59 #1859 by Leighanna Sears
What is this horn??? was created by Leighanna Sears
Hello everyone!

First time posting, and I am hoping I can get some help!

I am a band director in Southern California (my main instrument is French horn), and we had an alumni from the early 1960s donate their late husband's horn to us. While I will not be using the horn in my ensemble, I am very interested with what exactly it is! I am only allowed to attach one pic, but click the link below to see the pictures of the brand. It is very hard to make out, but maybe someone has better eyes than I do? I took the best pictures I could.

It is a single horn in the key of F and has many strange features about it (as I'm sure you can tell). The wrapping is on top of the horn, the rotors are numbered backwards, and there is a spot for a lyre leading me to believe this was used for marching band. 

I will be selling it as well and the proceeds will be donated to my program if any of you happen to be interested; want to try to get more info on it first though! Thanks in advance! 

Click here for more pictures:

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05 八 2021 15:41 - 05 八 2021 15:43 #1866 by Martin Monné
Replied by Martin Monné on topic What is this horn???
Hi, I am new to French Horns, but have a keen interest in vintage brass instruments and have very good Googling skills ;)

On the pictures, I can partly make out the makers name "Schmidt" and the city "Cöln a/Rhein". After some Googling, I found this site: with more info on your horn model,

and a link to more info on the maker "A.F. Schmidt", where you'll see a similar engraving as on your horn:
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