New French horn mouthpiece

17 二 2009 03:41 #250 by Dave Harrison
New French horn mouthpiece was created by Dave Harrison
As a new member of the IHS I would like to introduce myself, starting with a confession. I am a trumpet player, and have been so for 37 years. I am also a designer and manufacturer of the Wedge mouthpiece for trumpet, trombone, and (most recently) French horn.

The Wedge trumpet mouthpiece was introduced in October 2007 and has had a remarkable first 18 months. I have been a very active member of the Trumpet Herald forum for a number of years before my accidental evolution into a mouthpiece manufacturer (I make my living as a physician). The TH forum was instrumental in providing information to players about the Wedge in the early stages of development, and I am hopeful that this forum can be helpful in allowing me to meet the needs of French horn players in a similar way.

The Wedge mouthpiece is unlike any mouthpiece you have ever experienced. At the present time French horn mouthpieces are being produced as custom orders by applying the Wedge rim to existing mouthpieces. These screw rim models were introduced at the TMEA convention last week. However, I would now like to produce a line of Wedge French horn mouthpieces in a limited number of sizes from original blanks.

This is where I need your help. I am hopeful that this community can provide information about what your needs are in terms of mouthpiece size and depth. I would ask you to consider the following.

Imagine that you could have the mouthpiece of your choice with an improved rim configuration that would improve many aspects of the mouthpiece’s performance – comfort, flexibility, sound, endurance and range. What would the base mouthpiece be? Farkas MDC? Giardinelli C6? Others? Based on feedback from the horn community about your specific needs we will endeavour to provide a line of French horn mouthpieces that will satisfy the needs of the majority of players. This is your opportunity to let a new manufacturer know what your needs are from the early stages of product development.

Intrigued? If nothing else, the Wedge is interesting as a curiosity, if not as a new mouthpiece to be considered. However, my motivation is actually not to get anyone here to try a Wedge. It is only to ask your help in being able to provide that opportunity to those who might be interested. Any suggestions as to what your needs would be in terms of basic mouthpiece characteristics to use as a platform for the Wedge rim would be greatly appreciated.


Dave Harrison
(Dr Dave)

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