Value of old Conn 6D

30 一 2010 21:02 #355 by Kyle Millsap
Value of old Conn 6D was created by Kyle Millsap
I have come into the possession of what has been identified as a Conn 6D. It's not in the best of shape cosmetically as it was retired from a school band program, but does still play. I don't know the year, other than the case has a 1961 Lions Band sticker on the outside and it has a Mt. Vernon Bach mouthpiece with it. The serial number (as best I can tell) is 821993.

Can anyone give me any leads as to finding out the value of this horn in order to ask a fair selling price? I can post/send pictures if needed.


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02 二 2010 18:03 #358 by Jeff Bowman
Replied by Jeff Bowman on topic Value of old Conn 6D
yea post up some pictures of it! Its not often that you catch one of those...Im interested to see what kind of shape its in....

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20 二 2010 07:04 #360 by Joyce Moore Jaime
Replied by Joyce Moore Jaime on topic Value of old Conn 6D
Kyle -

I still have the sweet old 6D I played in high school in my collection so I notice prices when 6D's come up for sale. You'll find horns on Ebay and the used horn vendors ( and the like) from time to time. The asking prices I've noted in the last few years range from around $500 to $1500. There's one example on when I check tonight listed at $2000 but that's the highest listing I've seen in a while.

Posting pictures and dating your horn via one of the serial number lists will both be helpful as you look for a buyer.


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