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actual note transposition on a single F horn and question about recording

16 八 2018 16:16 #1731 by Hannah Doxtader

I am confused about what people say is F transposition, let's say a written C4 sounds F3, but on listening to a Dennis Brain
recording on Youtube playing Beethoven Op. 17 Sonata for Horn and Piano it sounds like he's playing starting on C3
Opening arpeggio C3 F3 C3 A2 F2 F1 unless I'm hearing the wrote octave out of ignorace (I'm a beginner)

Can Anyone one tell me if "F transposition = you hear down a fifth" is shorthand understanding - <it sounds an
octave and a fifth lower?>

I happen to be a beginner with a single F horn and I just wanted to play a few notes and listen along with a score
and It sounds like Dennis Brain has it sitting in the low F horn range (middle?) Why would he play it starting on
C3 if he has a double horn though? Isn't starting on C4 easy on that horn?

I'm just confused and trying to make my way around my new single horn that's all and really just starting to
study and listen.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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16 八 2018 21:14 #1732 by Hannah Doxtader
I think, because of the timbre of the horn, I've got the octaves wrong. I was assuming that my F Horn's fundmental was F2 and the pedal tones were F1 and down.

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17 八 2018 06:21 #1733 by Chris Crawley
Horn music is normally notated one fifth higher than it sounds - not one fifth plus an octave.

Not sure what you're hearing, but the sound of the horn is extraordinarily complex, with lots of overtones.

Having a double horn makes no difference to the availability of notes; lower notes may "speak" more easily on the shorter, Bb side of a double horn, but those same notes may be out of tune. The Bb side comes into its own in the middle and upper range, where the harmonics lie further apart, and accuracy is better.

Do you have a teacher? Your questions would be more easily answered by someone sitting next to you and able to demonstrate what they're talking about.

Anyway, best of luck with playing the horn. Remember: "God made some people Horn players; others are not so fortunate."

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