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From Trumpet to Horn

10 四 2012 04:09 #567 by Brian Blanchard
From Trumpet to Horn was created by Brian Blanchard
When I was studying for my Mus Ed degree, I had a blast playing the horn and got compliments for my tone and intonation. Since good doubles were very expensive, and I was a year away from my senior trumpet recital and then working on my credential, I didn't pursue anything. Recently, I was able to acquire a Reynolds Contempora and want to start studying it with the intention being to fill in missing spots in local community bands. Directors yawn when I offer to play trumpet and smile when I offer euphonium as an alternative, and I know horns are at the top of their wish lists.

I was thinking of looking into studying with Jennifer Bliman since she seems to have a background switching from the trumpet to the horn. I'd likely do this when I go on Summer break, but until then, does anyone have any advice for studies? How to shop for a mouthpiece? I found the Holton MC I bought to use teaching band to be too small to get a good sound out of the low range, while the Reynolds 6C that came with the horn sounds nicer down there without sacrificing the high notes.

After a good session with a tuner, it seems that 2nd line F# and G are horribly flat on the F side but much better on the Bb side. Ab through B on the staff are much better on the F side. C and up are great on Bb and 1st space F and below are fine on F. Does that sound familiar, wrong, or is it just one of those "every horn is different" things? Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.

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26 四 2012 04:35 #580 by Brian Blanchard
Replied by Brian Blanchard on topic Re: From Trumpet to Horn
No advice from the experts?

Well, risking it anyway, despite trying a bunch of mouthpieces and even buying one (Giardinelli C8), I keep coming back to the Reynolds one. I put my glasses on before reading it this time, and it's a 6D. Does anybody know of a mouthpiece available today that is similar?

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