(front) Leipzig Horn Quartet; (rear) Wiener
Waldhornverein (Siegfried Schwarzl, far right)

Siegfried Schwarzl was a member and director of the Wiener Waldhornverein (WWV – Vienna Horn Society) and an authority on its history. He was president of the society at its 100th anniversary in 1983 and wrote a book (published in English in 1987) entitled, "The development of horn ensemble music from the romantic era to the present time in Vienna and in other cultural circles."

Schwarzl studied horn with Gottfried von Freiberg and became a member of the Vienna State Opera orchestra, but his music career was interrupted with military duty during the war. Afterward, he directed the stage band of the State Opera, but also studied climatology and became a respected climatologist. He particularly loved the Vienna horn, horn ensembles, and the Vienna Horn Society.

Schwarzl was a member of the IHS Advisory Council (1982-1989). He was honored with the Punto award at the 1985 International Horn Symposium at Towson State University in Baltimore MD, where he gave a lecture/demonstration on the development of horn ensemble music and the Vienna horn. His article about the International Symposium for Brass Instrument Players' Chamber Music in Hungary appears in the October 1985 issue of The Horn Call.

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